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SAP PI - Download and import ESR/XI content

Your application team has requested you to download and import a particular SWCV (Software component version) or XI content into PI ESR tool


Prerequisite :

You must have the role SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_XI_CONTENT_ORGANIZER to be able to export and import ESR content.

How to download ESR /XI content :

1.Go to

2.Go to section "SAP Software Download Center"  -> "Support Packages and Patches" -> "Browse Our Download Catalog " -> "SAP Content" -> "ESR Content (XI Content)"  and select the software component you want to download.

SAP PI download ESR XI content
3.Download appropriate version of Software component. This file will be a  .zip file.

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How to import SAP PI EXR/XI content
1.Unzip the downloaded file and you will get a .tpz file , in our case we got "XI7_1_SNC_7.0_06_00.tpz"
2.Copy this file at  following location at OS level ,You can import this file from your local machine as well but its recommended that you copy it at OS level first and then import it.


3.Now launch the ESR tool with following URL :

    http://<hostname>:<port>/rep   now choose - > "Enterprise Services Repository" -  "Enterprise Services Builder" .

4.Once you have ESR tool launched , go to "Tools"  -> "Import Design Objects" and choose  "Server" and then select the required file and confirm to "import".

Importing ESR content

5.It will take some time depending on the size of ESR  , once imported you will get following confirmation.
ESR imported confirmation
6.After a successful import, the Enterprise Services Builder moves the imported TPZ files into the directory /sapmnt/<SID>/global/xi/repository_server/importedFiles.

Please note :  Importing ESR content with a later version does not overwrite the content that you have already imported into the Enterprise Services Repository. Support packages for ESR content always contain both previous objects and the changes and enhancements delivered in the support package.


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