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SAP PI - SLD data supplier configuration

The SLD Data Supplier service registers this J2EE Engine in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) and provides access to the SLD for other J2EE applications.

How to setup SLD Data supplier in SAP PI 7.1 ?

1.Go to NWA by using following URL


2.Now go to  Configuration Management -> Security -> Destinations and check for destination called 'SLD_DataSupplier' , if this destination is not present create it  with following details.

For tab "Connection and Transport" maintain following data:

URL : Enter the name of the host where the SLD bridge runs followed by http port.

For tab " Logon Data" maintain below mentioned details.

Authentication: Basic (User ID and Password)

User name :Specify a Java user that already exists on the host where the SLD bridge runs

The specified user must have the role SAP_SLD_DATA_SUPPLIER.

Password :     Enter the user's password. 

SAP SLD_DataSupplier destination

3. Restart  the SLD_DataSupplier service , go to Operation Management -> Systems -> Start & Stop -> Java EE Services ,  Select service SLD_DataSupplier and press Restart.

SLD Data supplier service restart
After the restart, ,the first data transfer to the SLD takes place after several minutes.

How to verify the configuration and manually push the data?

1. You can verify the data supplier settings and manually push the data using following option.

Go to  Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> SLD Data Supplier Configuration and verify the information.

2.To push the data press 'Collect and Send Data' button.

SLD Data supplier verification


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