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 BW Process chain status overview
This article will explain you how to check the status of a particular process chain or how to get overview of all the BW chain running in SAP.

Prerequisite: You need SAP Add-on ST -A/PI  installed on SAP system. More information about ST-A/PI can be found at

Steps : How to check BW chain status in SAP using BW-TOOLS:
1.To start this tool ,log into SAP and execute transaction ST13   and select report  BW tools(Shown as Step 1) OR got to SE38 and execute program /SSA/BWT (Shown as Step 2) 
SAP BW starting BW-Tools

2.Now select  "Process Chain Analysis" and execute .  On the next screen choose "Process Chains"
SAP BW - Executing BW -Tools

3.On next screen put asterisk'*' in chain-ID , you can also put particular process chain ID and EXECUTE.
SAP BW - Selecting BW process chain

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4.You  will get similar screen like below.To get  detail view of executed steps, click on the  process chain under column  "Chain"(Highlighted as Step 1).  
To get log view click on Log ID (Highlighted as step 2).
SAP BW Process chain runtime analysis
This screen shows you the overview of Process chains running in your system , look for "Status" and "Steps" column. Red indicates that there is some failure in job chain execution.
4.1 Log view of that process chain steps:
SAP BW Process Chain Log view

4.2 Detail view of that process chain steps
SAP Process Chain Detail view

5.Now to get detailed  information specific to particular step ,click on request  REQU_XXXXXXXX(highlighted in above screenshot) , you will get similar screen like below .
SAP BW - Process Chain step detail.

6.Now, you have two options for further drill down "Error Analysis" and "Step-by-Step Analysis"
SAP BW Step Analysis


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