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SAP mass user lock/unlock at OS level

SAP provides mass user lock /unlock utility as part of TP program. Using this functionality one can lock all users in SAP system except SAP* and DDIC.

Why its required

If you are planning to do any maintenance activity ,you can lock all SAP users and continue your maintenance using DDIC .  If you require more users to be accessible during the maintenance, those users should log in before you run the lock command .

Please note : This lock will not impact any user already logged in the system. Also can use SU10 to mass lock/unlock.

Lock Procedure

1.Log into at OS level with <SIDADM> and go to /usr/sap/trans/bin .

2.Execute following lock command at OS level


3.Once above command is executed ,SAP will show following message when any user will try to log in.
SAP tp logon message
You may get "Logon not possible. Put running" or "Upgrade still running : Logon not possible" message ,it depends on your SAP NetWeaver release.

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Unlock Procedure

1.Execute following unlock command at OS level


SAP tp unlocksys


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