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How to check SAP top notes

Why top notes :
It is very important for SAP BASIS administrator to check top notes provided by SAP for your client. 

The Important SAP Notes application informs you about SAP HotNews, SAP Security Notes, SAP Legal Change Notes, and SAP TopNotes you are interested in, i.e. according to your filter settings. By creating filters, you manage the notifications for only the systems or products you are interested in.
  • SAP HotNews are priority 1 (very high priority) SAP Notes. They tell you how to resolve or avoid problems that can cause the SAP system to shut down or lose data.
  • SAP TopNotes are the most important notes of a primary application area or a subarea reported on successfully closed customer support messages. 

Where to check:

1.Log into
2.Go to "Help & Support" - > "Search For SAP Notes"  -> "SAP TopNotes" or "SAP HotNews-Priority 1 SAP Notes"

Or follow the steps 1 to 3 as shown below.


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