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SAP Java login to particular server node.

Some time you want to verify if a particular server node is  up and running fine , for this you can directly log into the server node bypassing SAP load balancing  or any load balancer .


When more than one server node is configured and running on the server, the load balancing between them is done internally by the J2EE dispatcher process. A simple algorithm is followed: when the request comes to J2EE dispatcher process, its headers are read and if there are cookies, JSESSIONID and saplb_* (there is session established for this particular client) and the request is transferred to one of the J2EE server processes configured

How to log in to a particular server node :

To login to a particular server node (clear all the browser cache), use one of the below formulas. 

Replace the <NodeID> with the server node ID  that can be seen from the system info page: 

http://<server>:<port>/irj/portal;saplb_*=<NodeID>  or 



http://<hostname>:51000/irj/portal;saplb_*=105986050 here 105986050 is the node ID. 


To verify on which  server you are logged in , enter "javascript:alert(document.cookie);" in the browser address bar and you will get a pop up like below.

SAP Java Server Node ID

This confirms that you are logged in at intended server.

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