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SAP JAVA Adding server node/process

You can add additional server nodes in a JAVA only system or a dual stack system (ABAP +JAVA) to add additional power to Java stack. Adding a server node is an easy task but demands more attention.

How to add server nodes:

Pre-work :

1.Make sure you have additional memory available on host to handle new server nodes.

2.Plan for a downtime as adding server node require restart of instance.

Execution steps:

1.Log on at OS level and launch configtool.

2.Select the instance for which you want to add the server node.

3.Go to  "Server" ->"Add Server" (as shown below) and press YES.

SAP Java Configtool Adding Server node
4.This will create a new server node under the instance selected. Now you have to make sure that all JAVA parameters are copied to the new server node.

If few of the parameters are missing, copy it from other server node of the same instance.

SAp JAVA Server node parameters
Once you save the changes ,it will confirm you that new server node is added and will be in effect after instance restart.

5. Now restart you SAP instance and verify that new server node is up and running using JCMON.


1731107 - How to add/remove a server node in AS Java 6.40 and 7.0

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