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Creating a new JCo destination 

Prerequisite : SAP SLD (Remote or local) should be configured and its up and running fine.

Steps :1.Log into your java system by following below mentioned path

If it’s a enterprise portal system you can use below link 
http://<Hostname>:<5XX00>/irj/portal  > Content Administration > Web Dynpro 
If it’s a Java system with no EP components,use below mentioned URL
http://<Hostname>:<5XX00>/webdynpro/welcome  > Content Administrator
You will get Content administrator (Shown below)
SAP JAVA Content Administrator

2.Now click on "Create JCo Destination" button start the JCo creation Wizard.Once you get to below screen , enter the JCo name . Give some logical name.
SAP Java Creating JCo Step 1

You can leave other parameters as it is , You can also use "Copy it from Existing JCo Destination " option to copy the JCo from some other existing JCo.

3. On next screen, select the J2EE engine where you want to assign the JCo , by default you should assign it to the local engine.
SAP Java Creating JCo Step 2

4.On next screen you have to select the JCo type , in our example we are creating a Meta data JCo . Check with your portal developer if you are not sure about type of JCo.
SAP Java Creating JCo Step 3

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5. Here provide the connection details . From the Message Server drop down you can select system details (fetched from SLD), or you can enter the details manually. 
SAP Java JCo creation Step 4

6. Below screen will give you option to select Authentication method . Generally for Meta type JCo we use User/password option and for Model type JCo we use SSO(Ticket).
In our example we are creating a Meta type JCo so we will select  User/Password option.
SAP Java JCo creation step 5

The defined user should be a technical user without any dialog permissions. On the backend this user needs the permissions to access all DDIC function modules.
After entering user details , press Finish.

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