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How to perform thread dump analysis using SAP Thread Dump Viewer

Requirement :  You are using the J2EE Engine and want to analyze thread dump using "Thread Dump Viewer". You may want to see the occupied thread and monitor the thread usage.

Prerequisite:You need to download "Thread Dump Viewer" from SAP note Note 1020246.

Steps : 
1.Download "Thread Dump Viewer" executable jar file tdv.jar from SAP Note 1020246. Keep the file on your desktop.
2. Double click on tdv.jar and launch "Thread Dump Viewer".
3. Select the engine version of your SAP Java system (Shown as step 1 in below screenshot). 
SAP thread dump viewer tdv.jar

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4. Select the thread dump file (shown as step 2 - 4 in above screenshot) . Thread dump can be created as per below tutorials.
5. Once you upload the thread dump ,select the thread state - "waiting for monitor entry" (shown below- step 1) and select the thread type as Application or System thread.
SAP Java thread dump analysis using SAP thread dump viewer

6. You will get all thread details after selecting the thread state and thread type . Look for thread in RED status.
You should not see thread in "waiting for monitor entry" for Application and system threads in consecutive 5-10 dumps.

Please note : Its recommended to trigger 5-10 dumps at interval of 20-30 seconds to get the bigger picture of threads status.

Note 1020246 - Thread Dump Viewer for SAP Java Engine
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