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How to create a thread dump for the SAP J2EE Engine using SAP Solution Manager

Requirement :  You are using the J2EE Engine and want to create a thread dump from all Java threads running on a Java node.

Prerequisite : Your SAP java system must be connected with SAP Solman and SMD agents must be running on SAP java system .

Creating thread dump using SAP solution manager
1. Log into SAP solution manager and execute transaction "Solman_workcenter".
2. Click on System Analysis under Root Cause Analysis section. (See screenshot below)
3. Select the system for thread dump creation and click on Expert Analysis button.(See screenshot below)
Create thread dump using SAP Solman.

4.Select "Thread dump analysis" and select the server node for which you want to create thread dump.
SAP Solman trigger thread dump

Press Trigger Dump button (shown above step -3 in screenshot). After completion, you will find the thread dump in the /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance>/work/std_<node name>.out ,in our case the file would be std_server0.out.

Please note that these screenshots are taken from SAP Solman 7.0 SP 4. Screens may vary as per you SOLMAN version/release.

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