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How to check SAP Java system availability using JSMON

Requirement : You want to verify if all the essential process of Java Engine running or not .


-Log on at OS level with <sid>adm user and go to /sapmnt/<SID>/profile directory (at UNIX level) and execute following command.

    jsmon pf=<SID>_DVEBMGS<XX>_<hostname> 
for example if your SID is EPP and the instance is DVEBMGS10 and hostname is sapeppci then the command would be
    jsmon pf=EPP_DVEBMGS10_sapeppci

 JSMON is available starting SAP Netweaver 7.1 , for earlier release use JCMON tool.

-Once you get below mentioned screen enter "P  V" in the command prompt(shown in red).

SAP Java process view JSMON

-"P V" is for process view, this will show you all the process running , you should see all the sever nodes running with all the services like HTTP,P4 etc (Highlighted in red). 

SAP JAVA Verify process using JSMON

-Enter "Exit" command to get out of the tool.

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