SAP HANA Export and Import Views

Objective: You want to export the HANA views from one system to other in your HANA landscape using the Developer mode
You can also migrate the views using the "Delivery Units" method too. 
Prerequisite: You need SYSTEM privilege EXPORT and IMPORT assigned and you should have the package privilege of your source package. 

Steps:How to Export and Import SAP HANA Views

EXPORT of Views.
1. In HANA studio , log in to the Source system.
2. Now Go to File - Export.
3. You will get following window. Here we are using Developer Mode to perform the view transports , so select DEVELOPER MODE and press NEXT. 
HANA Studio Developer Mode

4.You will see all the system that you are logged in HANA studio, select your source system.
HANA Studio Source system to export

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Select the content you want to transport/migrate and press ADD. You will see the selected content on the right side of the below screen.
Once you have all your content added to right hand side ,select the target folder and press FINISH.
HANA Studio , Select content to export

6.Now check logs in HANA Studio, make sure it says completed successfully. 
Logs HANA Studio

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IMPORT of views in target system

1.In HANA Studio , login to the target system.
2. To import the content we exported , go to FILE - IMPORT
3. Select  DEVELOPER MODE and press NEXT. 
4. Select the target system,you should be logged in the system to see it listed.
5. Browse to your exported content, select the views and press ADD(shown below).
Make sure you have the same hierarchy structure displayed as in your HANA - Content folder.
6.Once you have all your content added to right hand side ,select the target folder and press FINISH to start the import.
SAP HANA , Select the views to import.

7. You should see the import log as "Completed Successful". 
Now we have to activate the view,  In the target system , go to the content - > package - > view and Activate(in Context Menu/ Right Click).

If you do not see the Activate option in context menu of view , then refresh the package by using the Refresh option in the Context Menu.
Once you press the activate button , and If you have more than one view to activate , it will give you an option to select the view otherwise it will activate the view in background.

Reference  :

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