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Troubleshooting tRFC with "Transaction recorded" status in SM58

Status "Transaction recorded"  usually happens in case of Idoc processing or in case of BW loads.
This document  will provide you troubleshooting steps, required for processing tRFC stuck with "Transactional Recorded" status in SM58.

In case of BW loads ,you will see similar screens like shown below.
In SM58 you will see entries with status "Transaction recorded" and the function module name would be  "RSAR_TRFC_DATA_RECIEVED"
SM58 transaction recorded Status

In SM50 you will see most of the dialog WP stuck with report "SAPLSENA"

If any of above steps hold true for your case , check for the destination status in transaction SMQS , the target system  mentioned in SM58 should be registered in SMQS  destination. In our example ,its destination EPDCLNT100 . Below screenshot shows that its registered (Type = R ) .
SAP SMQS Destination Status

 If its not registered, select the destination and  press "Registration" button on screen. Once the destination is  registered in SMQS , tRFC entries in SM58 can be reprocessed by scheduling report RSARFCEX. Report RSARFCEX  will only work if the destination was already in registered state.

When you register a destination, you have option to speed up the processing by increasing the "max connection parameter" as per the available resources in system.
SAP SMQS Max Connection Parameter

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To check the available resources , go to SMQS > QRFC Resources.  
You can assign max connection parameter equal to  DIALOG WPs for tRFC/qRFC(shown in red block below) . Do consider the requirement of other destinations and dialog users sessions as wellOnce you set max connection parameter,system will take these many dialog WPs t o process tRFC for selected destination.
SMQS Resource Administration

Nugget:  In case of Idocs stuck in SM58 , you will see function module  -"IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCH" in SM58 and verify report RSEOUT00 is running without any problem.

SAP Note - 857126   Incorrect tRFCs from BW are not processed in SM58.
SAP Note - 784414    Transaction recorded in SM58 in a BW application.

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