Total number of users by activity from Solman.

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Requirement : We need to find out total number of users by activity(High , Medium ,low) for any SAP system using Solution Manager.


Prerequisite : User need access to Solman - System Monitoring Workbench.



How to find out total number of user logging into SAP system using Solman ?


Step 1: Log into SAP Solution Manager System and execute transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER

Step 2: Go to SYSTEM MONITORING WorkCentre , if you do not have authorization then this workcenter will not be visible to you.

Step 3: Click on "System Status" and look for your system. In our case the system was P1S. PFB the screenshot below.

Step 4: Select the system and click on "IT PERFORMANCE REPORTING".

SAP Solman - Check number of users logged in
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Step 5: Click on the system and options as shown below.

SAP User logged in

In the above screen you can see monthly list of user categorized as per usage stats , like - High , Medium and Low.

The number of users are classified by how intensively they use the system, as per SAP following category exist.

User category  Number of dialog steps per week
low activity less the 400
medium activity Between 400 and 4800
high activity more than 4800


Reference :

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