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Solution Manager - Download SP stack and Side effect report

In this article we will explain following topics

- How to download SAP support packs from solution manager.

- How to request SAP for side effect report for intended support packs.

What is a side effect report :

SAP Support Packages are collections of SAP Notes that provide software corrections. Applying SAP Notes or Support Packages to an SAP solution enhances system stability and guards against potential problems. In some cases, however, SAP Notes and Support Packages are dependent on each other, and resolving a particular issue with one SAP Note may cause new issues to arise in other areas or situations. To resolve these new issues, SAP publishes new SAP Notes that are related to the original SAP Note

To allow easier detection of these inter-dependencies  a reporting tool is available on the SAP Service Marketplace. When importing a Support Package or SAP Note, you can check for known side effects and find relevant SAP Notes to treat these. Using the tool, you can proactively prevent problems that may occur as a result of applying Support Packages or SAP Notes, not only accelerating and improving the quality of issue resolution, but also reducing maintenance effort and costs.

SAP recommend that you use this tool either shortly before or shortly after applying a single Support Package or Support Package queue.

How to download SAP support packs from solution manager .

1.Log into Solution manager and execute transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER and select the solution.

Select Solution in Solution manager

2.Go to Operations -> Change Management  > Maintenance Optimizer  > Create New Maintenance Transaction

SOLMAN Create new Maintenance Transaction

3.Select the solution and related SAP system and press continue.
Select SAP system from solution

4.Select option - "Calculate File Automatically -Recommended" and press continue.
Solution Manager MOPZ - File selection mode

5.For EHP stack download ,select option - "Entrancement Package Installation" and continue.
SAP Solution Manger Maintenance Optimizer ,Stack update options

6. Choose the target EHP/SP level.
SAP Solution Manager MOPZ target stack selection

7.Confirm the Major target stack level and continue.
SAP Solman MOPZ Major target selection

8.Select any installable Add-on .
SAP Solman select installable add-on

9.Select OS/DB dependent files and continue.
SAP Solution Manager Maintenance optimizer OS DB dependent files download

10.Select stack independent files and continue.
SAP MOPZ Select stack independent files

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11.Select stack dependent files.
SAP Solution Manager stack dependent file selection

12.Select Download tool and continue.
SAP Solman select download basket

13.Once you select the download tool, SAP solution manager will add all the required files in Download basket and will generate stack definition files at OS level.
SAP Solution Manager Stack definition file download

14.Once the side effect report is generated and files are added to Download basket , we get the option to Request side effect report for these selected Support packs.
 SAP Solman request side effect report.

15.Once you request side effect report , it will open SAP market place in new browser session. There it will confirm the SAP support packs for which its going to generate side effect report.
SAP Market place - requested side effect report.

16.Once the side effect report is ready ,SAP will send you a mail with direct report link. Below is a sample for SAP Support pack side effect report.
SAP sample Side effect report.

If you do not have access to SAP Solution Manger, you can download side effect report from SAP market place

Details on Side Effects of single SAP Notes
On the SAP Service Marketplace, quick link, you can view any known side effects on the Side Effects tab of a single SAP Note. The upper table on this tab displays other SAP Notes that can be corrected using this SAP Note, whereas the lower table shows other SAP Notes that correct the side effects of this SAP Note.

Details on Side Effects of Support Package Queues
You can view a list of all the currently-known side effects of SAP Notes in an entire Support Package queue or single Support Package requesting a Side Effects Report. The Report can be requested either by using the reporting tool available in the SAP Service Marketplace, quick link -> Support Packages in Detail -> Side Effects of SAP Notes or at every place Support Packages can be downloaded in SAP Service Marketplace.

Note 651948 - Preventing Unwanted Side-Effects Caused by SAP Notes
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