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SNOTE - Deploy SAP Note

You can deploy/apply SAP note in SAP system using SAP Note assistant. (Tx SNOTE).

Prerequisite : You have gone through the SAP note and verified it is valid for your SAP software release.

How to deploy SAP Note :

1.Go to SAP transaction  SNOTE  > MENU >GOTO > "Download SAP note" and enter the note number you want to deploy.

2.Now press the check button to see if the note implementation status. If you see note status  "Can be Implemented" then press Execute button to proceed.

SNOTE Download SAP Note

3.This will download the SAP note in in your system , now drill down under the "New"  section to check your note. 
4.Select the note and  go to Menu  > SAP Note >"Implement SAP Note".

Implement SAP Note

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5.This will trigger following confirmation screens, just confirm.

SNOTE Implementation Confirmation

6.Now system will prompt you for the transport request to capture all the changes.Click on "Create" button and give some short description in the next window and Save.

SNOTE Transport Request Creation

7.Now the system will prompt you to confirm the changes that will implement with this SAP note.

8. Once you confirm the changes, your note will be deployed and you will found your note in "In processing" section (please note that at this stage your note is already deployed).

SNOTE Object Confirmation

9.Once the changes are verified you can change the status of SAP note to "Completed". To do that select the SAP note and go to Menu >SAP Note > "Set Processing Status".

SNOTE Set Processing Status

10. Your SAP note is deployed and now you can move the transport to other system to implement this note.


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