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SAPGUI Automation Trace

SAPGUI Automation trace is used to setup trace on SAPGUI to get more detail about the underlying components.

Why required : An error occurs when user access its User Easy Access Menu and you wan to know the component which is causing the error. 

Following dumps may be generated 





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Activating the automation trace :

Activate the GUI automation trace to identify the components in which the error has occurred.

1. Log into SAP and choose "Options".
Activating SAP GUI trace

2.Here, choose the "Trace" tab page or, as of SAP GUI 7.20, the tree entry "Trace" -> "Session Traces".

3. In the list box, select the following check boxes:
[x] Automation
[x] Control Manager
Activation SAP GUI Trace

IMPORTANT: The "Trace File" or "Trace Folder" input field contains the file name and the path of the trace file.

4.Finally, choose 'Enable' and close the window by choosing OK. In this window, you can now execute the application for which a trace should be generated. Do not forget to deactivate the trace again afterwards. 

Sample Output:

Sample trace Output

It clearly shows that the dump was occurring due to some problem with the SAP Table Tree Control. In my case "c:\PROGRA~2\sap\frontend\sapgui\wdttree.ocx" file was corrupted.


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