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SAP Mail (SMTP) Configuration

The kernel of the SAP Web Application Server supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). This enables e-mail exchange between the SAP system and each SMTP mail server, without having to use additional external components.  

1.Settings for the Profile Parameters (Transaction RZ10)

1.1 Create the following entries in the Instance Profile 

SAP SMTP Instance Parameters
1.2 Save and activate the profile.
Please note : Restart is required for parameters to take effect.

2. User Maintenance (Transaction SU01)
2.1 Create a System User in Transaction SU01 and assign the profile S_A.SCON.
SMTP Service user

3.Activating the node(Transaction SICF)
3.1 Go to Transaction SICF
3.2 Select the note SAPConnect and right click. From the context menu displayed, click on “Activate SMTP Host”.
SMTP SICF Configuration

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SAPconnect Administration (Transaction SCOT)
4.1 Go to Transaction SCOT
4.2 Double click on the node SMTP under Internet.For field Mail Host enter the domain of the SMTP compliant Email Server as shown below or you can enter localhost.
SAP SCOT Settings
4.3 Click on the “Set” button adjacent to “Internet” under “Supported address types”.
4.4 Enter “*” (asterisk) in the “Address area” field as shown below.
SAP SCOT Setting

4.5 Now go to "Setings" -> "Default Domain" and enter the mail domain for your company(<your company name>.com) , for example  : 
4.6 Navigate the Jobs under view menu: (shown below)
4.7 Click on the “Create” button on the application toolbar. Specify a Job Name (eg: SENDMAIL) and press Enter.
4.8 Select the variant “SAP&CONNECTALL” and click “Schedule Job” from the Application Toolbar.
4.9 In the subsequent screen click on the push button “Schedule periodically”.
4.10 Click the radio button against “Minutes” and enter the frequency at which the job needs to be run (eg 10 minutes) and click on “Create”.

Configuration of Email Setup is complete with this step. 


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