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RSMEMORY - Temporary change of ABAP memory allocation

Why memory allocation change required

Sometime we have to increase the heap memory temporarily to accommodate some memory consuming tasks.

For example, their might be a  scenario when some data intensive BW  loads are running  and your application team want to increase the memory temporarily. 

In this case one can use "RSMEMORY" report to define memory allocation strategy.


Via  "RSMEMORY" one can change the memory allocation for dialog or background processing.


In our example we will be increasing Heap memory from approx.  4GB to 6 GB on one of the application server.


Please note that "RSMEMORY" report will make change for only that server  on which  the report is executed. 

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How to increase the Heap for background process.

Go to tx : SE38 and execute report "RSMEMORY",  you will see screen like below. Dialog and background memory quota are highlighted in RED.


Quota for background processing shows that we already have approx. 4 GB heap memory assigned .
Memory allocation as per above settings (For background WP):
 First 65 MB of Roll area will be given to WP and then approx. 4 GB of Heap will be assigned. If heap will fell short the memory requirement then another 4 GB of extended memory is available.
 Please note that extended memory and heap memory is shared with other WP as well.

Now we will change the memory allocation for background WP. (We will change Heap from 4 to 6 GB)

Change the  following highlighted values.  

SE38-RSMEMORY parameter changes.

After changing the value press "Copy"  and save button.

You can also monitor the change via Tx ST02 and focus on the below highlighted area.

SAP-ST02 monitoring

As the memory demand grows , the highlighted  "heap memory " values will change.  Once the heap is exhausted then the background WP will take memory from Extended memory.

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