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How to analyze MESSAGE_TYPE_X dump

MESSAGE_TYPE_X is a generic dump which can occur due to many reasons. This can occur due to SAPGUI version conflict or some data inconsistency or any other technical problem

In this document we will see how we can determine the functional area associated with this dump.

1.Execute transaction ST22 and double click on dump to see detail.

2.Scroll down and look for "Error Analysis section" and note down information about 'Message Class ' and Message Number'.

3.Now go to transaction SE91 and enter the details of 'Message Class' and 'Message Number'.
SAP SE91 Message maintenance
4.Hit Display.
SE91 Message Class display

now we know that it is due to "Invalid data  status"  . If your ABAP is strong you can figure it out form "Source Code" section of ABAP dump.

Since this dump points to "Invalid data status",involve your functional team for proper solution.

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